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Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan: Accused of Spending No Time Together

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan: Accused of Spending No Time Together

We've all watched Michelle and Mark on TV for many years now.. from Mark's start out in Towie (The Only Way is Essex), to presenting his own radio shows in the UK and US, and now having his own UK travel series with his dad and brother. Michelle started out in Coronation Street, and has since starred in quite a few hit TV series, including 'Our Girl'. However, there's always the one elephant in the room, no matter where their careers are at, and its everyone's opinion on their relationship. 

Mark and Michelle met 10 years ago, and wed 8 years ago. Michelle moved from her home in Manchester, to Essex, to start her life with Mark. However, since then, barely either of the couple have actually been in Essex, with their careers taking them all over the globe.. seperately. 

Mark and Michelle recently jetted off to Ibiza together. Mark says the couple are constantly plagued by comments that they spend no time together, and that every time they do post a photo together, they always receive articles and comments like 'rare photo of Mark and Michelle Together'. Mark says they are in fact together often, but that they just don't post about it.