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It's official, we've revealed our Spring 2022 launch date!

Pencil it in... THIS FRIDAY, 8th April, at 6pm (UK time)!

This collection is small and also limited stock, so GET IT BEFORE IT GOES. We've listened to all of your fashion requests, and we've researched all of the hottest trends for 2022. However, of course, we like to be unique, so whilst on trend, the items are also Watts That Trend style. We've taken inspiration from the catwalk, including brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, to bring you the most affordable collection you'll ever need. 

We've got gym wear, cute top, cute dresses, and an accessory you'll love. This collection will see you from Spring to Summer. Here's the items we've already revealed, just to remind you:



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