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Our Essential Picks From The New Essentials Collection!

Our Essential Picks From The New Essentials Collection!
If you haven't already purchased from our brand new collection which launched yesterday... Then WHY NOT!!
The clue is in the name, when we say this is your collection of all your absolute essentials. We wanted to bring a collection that had items in which you could wear to so many different events and occasions this summer, without needing to buy so many new outfits. This collection has all you need for the beach, festivals, working out, chilling out, and BBQ weather (its the UK, but we're hopeful). 
Here's some of the pieces and how many different places you could wear them:
Crochet Maxi Dress in Cream- throw over your bikini at the beach or a beach club, wear with wedges and a bag for date night, add a belt and chunky boots for a festival vibe.
Ribbed Turtle Neck Crop and Shorts Set in Lime Green- As if the colour itself isn't enough.. wear with a denim jacket and trainers for a picnic in the park or garden BBQ, wear it to workout, or wear with sandals for a day time holiday vibe.

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