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Entertainment news: Jennifer Lopez is looking hotter than ever for her 53rd birthday!

Entertainment news: Jennifer Lopez looks hotter than ever for her 53rd birthday!

Jennifer Lopez's age? 21?... NO, 53!!

Can we believe that Jennifer Lopez is 53? We can only dream that we'll all look like her one day. Jennifer recently bared all in a naked shoot for her recent birthday. Jennifer said she's the happiest she's ever been. 

The star recently married Ben Affleck, whom she once had a relationship with but rekindled with last year after years apart. We think Jennifer looks flawless and are so happy for her. 



Jennifer started life living in New York, and came from a fairly poor family. Her parents moved to America from Puerto Rico when they both children, and happened to end up together in NY and has Jennifer. Jennifer's first taste of fame was in 1991, when she became a backing dancer for the group 'New Kids on the Block'. Jennifer went on to carve herself both a successful singing and acting career over the past 30 years. Jennifer is the only women to have been voted world's sexiest woman twice in FHM magazine, and she was once paid $1 million just to attend someone's wedding. 

Jennifer and Ben affleck first met in 2001. At the time Jennifer was married to her second husband, but went on to divorce him for Ben. The couple went on to get engaged and planned a wedding. However, due to the media they decided to postpone the wedding, and 2004 decided to split. The couple both went on to have children and relationships with others, with Ben marrying and having 3 kids with Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer having twins with Marc Anthony. In 2021 the couple were seen back together for the 1st time in 21 years, and this year went on to marry each other. They say that this time it is for life. 


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