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Maya Jama and Stormzy Baby on the Cards?

Maya Jama and Stormzy Baby on the Cards?

We wrote not so long ago, that Maya Jama and Stormzy had FINALLY gotten back together, after the gorgeous couple being apart a few years. 

In their time apart Maya's career has soured, becoming the presenter of Love Island this year, featuring on the cover of Vogue, and more! Stormzy has also been busy with his music career since they parted ways. 

Before the couple got back together, Stormzy revealed in a Louis Theroux interview that he planned to have a family, and had already bought a 7 bedroom house to raise them in.

Then just yesterday on Instagram stories, Stormzy revealed that becoming a dad is one of his goals in life, since turning 30. 

A source has also said that the couple have recently been to therapy together, in order to get over their past issues, and to be together and happy again. The source revealed that Stormzy is ready to have kids as soon as next year!

Imagine how cute their babies would be? Let's keep our fingers crossed!!

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