WTT X Scarlett LAUNCH PARTY! - watts that trend


This Friday, see our launch party to celebrate the collection we just released with Scarlett Harrison @scarlettejh. We've got lots of exciting people attending, and we'll give away lots of freebies. Scarlett's collection has been a major success, and you all love it. We've got all the prints, sizes, and shapes to suit everyone this summer and every occasion. There's still a chance to grab something!

Would you like to come? We're giving one lucky winner and four friends the chance to attend the launch party, which is being held in Manchester. If you want to hear, all you have to do is purchase something from the collection, post a picture on your socials of your order or of you wearing it, and tag us in it. Put in the caption or write on the story 'Manchester launch party' and we'll choose one lucky winner by Wednesday. GO GO GO!


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