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What it's Like Working in the Fashion World, and Designing Women's Clothing...

What It's Like Working in the Fashion World and Designing Women's Clothing...

We thought we'd write this blog to give you some inspo and insight into working in the fashion world and what it can be like to design women's fashion for a living.

Working in fashion may seem glamorous; however, it's not all rosy.
The Pros:

-Bringing your own ideas to life
-Meeting and working with lots of inspiring and influential people
-Attending events and shows
The Cons:
-Lots of work and lots of hours
-Trying to come up with ideas on the days you don't feel very inspired
-Lots of input, and sometimes not always the output you want back (that's the nature of business, it goes up and down)
I love the beginning of the year, designing fresh clothing, summer pieces, gym wear, looking at the upcoming trends for the year, and checking out other brands (Oh Polly, Shein, Mars the Label, Boohoo, Pretty little thing). However, take summer sales, Black Friday sales, Christmas, lots of collections across the year, meetings, models, designing, high and lows, and by Christmas Day, you feel like you've just worked 200000 hours that year. Another difficulty is trying to remain an ethical brand and a brand that sells things that are unique to the brand. It can be so easy to take shortcuts, but we try our best to watch that trend to come up with new ideas and always ethically source our products. We want to bring you pieces that are a timeless style, that can be worn for years to come, and will still be classed as the latest fashion.

What else can we tell you about working in the world of fashion? We'd love to give you more insight (comment below).


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