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Watts That Trend X KW Social Management Influencer Night

Watts That Trend X KW Social Management Influencer Night

If you follow us on social media, then you'll have seen over the weekend that we hosted an influencer night alongside influencer management and events company @kwsocialmanagement 

The night involved eating out at @zoukteabar, drinks and golf @junkyardgolfclub, and an overnight stay at @moxymcr 

We invited along some gorgeous influencer, including @amelia_grace_bell and @millie_thompson from the recent ITV show 'Loaded in Paradise', as well as other influencer including @4emiz and @reaniesmalley

EVERYONE wore WTT outfits, which means they looked gorgeous of course, and enjoyed an amazing night. 

Want to start working with us, and possibly end up at our next influencer social? Contact us via email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok if you think you can offer us some amazing content. 


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