Tragic Car Accident, Leaving Yazmin Oukhellou hospitalised - watts that trend

Tragic Car Accident, Leaving Yazmin Oukhellou hospitalised

A tragic car accident has left Towie star Yazmin Oukhellou hospitalized in intensive care and her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean dead.

We're sending prayers out today to Yazmin, her family, and Jake McLean's family. A tragic car crash that took place in Bodrum, Turkey, has left Yazmin in critical condition in hospital, and unfortunately, Jake died in the tragic accident.
Many Towie stars and others have sent out well wishes to Yazmin, and her family, hoping for her recovery. Yazmin's family, some of whom have flown straight out to be with her, have said that her condition is now stable, and she is currently recovering in hospital.

Onlookers say that the car veered off the road and over the side of a cliff. Emergency services were quick, but unfortunately, they could not save Jake.

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