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TOWIE Split: The End for Amber and Dan?

TOWIE Split: The End for Amber and Dan?

I don't know about you, but we're heavily invested in the lives of 'The Only Way is Essex' stars, after watching the show for something like 100 years now. 

If you're like us, then you've watched Amber Turner and Dan Edgar's turbulent relationship over the years. What is it with certain men and commitment? Truthfully we expected nothing less from Dan, who has now been in two long term relationships on the show, and still won't put a ring (or anything else) on it. 

Fans speculated last weekend, after Amber posted a series of snaps in Dubai, and Dan was evidently not there. Dan also deleted pictures of Amber from his Instagram page. Fans were quick to comment on Amber's posts, asking if her and Dan were ok, or had they split up. Earlier this week Amber decided to address the speculation, and confirmed her and Dan had split up. 

In the last series of Towie at the end of 2022, the couple had some friction, as Amber stressed to her friends how she wanted marriage and kids soon, and thought it would have all happened by now. However, Dan was reluctant for any of that. In the recent series, however, Dan and Amber have moved from their flat into a house, with their dog, and even hosted a housewarming party. Unfortunately, despite all of that, it seems things weren't meant to be in the end. 

Still, best looking couple Essex has ever had?


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