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This Week's Top Celebrity Updates, News and Gossip...

This Week's Top Celebrity Updates, News and Gossip...

Firstly, Vick Hopes diamond ring at the BAFTA's on Sunday? Can we believe someone has finally nails down Calvin Harris? The couple have been engaged since last year, but this was our first proper look at her bling. Calvin first broke into the music scene in 2007, as a geeky looking guy with long hair. However, fast forward a few years and he gradually grew into a heart throb, dating the likes of Taylor Swift. Despite his gorgeous looks and Ibiza tunes, Calvin had a rocky love road. However, last year he began dating Radio 1 Presenter Vick Hope, and not long after, the couple got engaged. Its rumoured the couple will be getting married soon, and have only invited a small number of people to their intimate, low-key day. 

Jack Keating, the son of Ronan Keating also announced his baby daughters name earlier this week.. 'Maya Ann Keating'. Jack appeared on Love island last summer, and his daughter was born in March this year, so it was likely he was already set to become a dad when he went on the show, but potentially didn't know at the time. In March this year, Jack shocked his followers when sharing a photo of his newborn daughter, as the public didn't know. Jack has suggested the couple are not together, and are co-parenting. The mother is artist Keely Iqbal, who designs custom trainers. 

Have you all heard about the feud between Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby? No one actually knows what (or even if) the feud is, but there have been many rumours lately that the dynamic duo are no longer getting on. Phil recently took some time off from this Morning to support his brother in court, accused of child sex offences. Its said that Holly knew nothing about any of it until Phil took the time off, and the fact that Phil didn't tell her is believed to be the reasoning behind the feud beginning. The pair have been co-hosting the show since 2009, and have always been best friends. However, Holly has now removed Phil from her social media accounts. 

Laura Anderson opened up about her split from Gary Lucy. The pair met on Celebs Go Dating, and had a whirlwind romance, before splitting up. The pair then announced, earlier this year, they were expecting a baby. Laura has said she has tried to reconcile the relationship with Gary, but that it hasn't happened and now she's focusing on her baby girl coming. Gary claimed the couple split because he wouldn't move to Scotland, where Laura and her family live. However, Laura says this isn't true, and that she was always going to be coming to Essex with Gary. 

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