Things are heating up on Love Island 22 - watts that trend

Things are heating up on Love Island 22

Who's been watching Love Island this year? Let's face it... everyone has! We all may claim we dislike it or it's rubbish, but something keeps us clinging on every night at 9 pm.

The latest antics of Casa Amor have caused a massive stir in the villa. Here's the gossip...

Some of the couples we thought had a shot at winning this year have officially RECOUPLED. Can you believe it? Dami and Nadiya, Britain's favorites to win, have chosen new partners and started a bitter feud.

It also appears that another favorite couple to win, Jacques and Paige, have also had a shake-up. While they chose to stay with each other, Paige found out last night that Jacques had been cozying up with a new girl while Paige was gone. This has caused outrage on social media, and even Jacque's family hasn't posted on Instagram in a few days, which they would usually do daily during his time on Love Island.

Gemma and Luca are the only couples who neither strayed during the Casa Amor days nor remained together. So what do we think, are Gemma and Luca our winners this year?

Only time will tell what could happen next.. with still half of the show left to go over the next month and antics happening daily, who can predict!


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