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The Grammy's 2023: Who's Outfit Are We Rating?

The Grammy's 2023: Who's Outfit Are We Rating?

We can't do this article, without first talking about BEYONCE! After winning 4 awards at yesterday's Grammy awards, she is officially the most Grammy award winning artist of all time. Her looks didn't disappoint either, as she wore not one, but three, iconic looks for the night. Earlier last week, Beyoncé also announced her new worldwide tour, which sold out the same day.

Then there was Lizzo, who also wore three jaw-dropping looks. She chose an orange gown, adorned with floral cape for her entry. She then switched to a black corset style, diamante dress, before finally switching to silver metallic puff sleeve dress. 

Taylor Swift only needed one look to stun, and she choose a midnight blue crop top and skirt co-ord. She teamed this with her hair up, and a red lip. 

Cardi B and Offset definitely stole the show for us. As if they weren't already couple goals, they opted for classic awards night looks. Cardi wore a long blue, V-neck, cut out dress, with a fancy head piece joined on to the dress, and Offset opted for a classic white tuxedo, with black shoes and black shades. 


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