The Baftas 2022 - watts that trend

The Baftas 2022

Last night was the Bafta awards, at The Royal Albert Hall in London. Here are the highlights from the night...

Firstly, we have to begin with the goodie bag that celebrities received at the awards. Whilst we do not know exactly everything that celebs received in their goodie bags this year, we can reveal some parts. This year the goodie bag was a phone bag made from recycled plastic, since the Bafta's went planet friendly in 2020. Inside were a range of gift cards for many gorgeous things, and this included a bottle of Taittinger champagne, a meal at the savoy, and many other extravagant gift cards (not quite the £110k bag you get at the Oscars, but still, we wouldn't mind one!).

Next, the big winners from the night. The film 'The Power of the Dog' took away the awards for best film and best directors. 'Dune' also won 5 awards at the show. Strictly Come Dancing's Rose and Giovanni won an award for their silent dance, which was an emotional win, as Rose was the first deaf celebrity to take part in the show. Coronation street beat the other soaps to the soap and drama award. 

Now for the part we love and we know you LOVE too... FASHION! Who were the best dressed of the night? Here's some of our favourite looks.

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Simone Ashley stunned in this sheer pink Valentino look. We absolutely adore this.

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Naomi Campbell kept things simple but stunning, in a black, figure hugging dress, complete with trail.

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Daisy Edgar-Jones looked flawless in a floor-length Gucci gown, with gorgeous back detail. 

What was your favourite look from the night? Who should have won the awards? Let us know in the comments. 

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