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The 14 year old millionaire...

The 14 year old millionaire...

We recently came across this news about a 14 year old who became a millionaire due to their own business idea, and we are so here for it! It just shows that there's no age, when someone is meant for business, and anyone can achieve their wild dreams. 

Harvey Millington started out by charging people to send them reminders of their road tax needing renewed. He quickly made £100,000 profit, and then used £40k of this to buy three acres of land. He did plan to use the land to make a glamping site, however, a property development company approached him to purchase it for a housing development. He sold the land to them for £2million. 

Fast forward to now, Harvey is 21 and is taking over a group of companies worth £800,000, from his dad, already has A-list client Tom Hardy, and drives a top of the range Mercedes. 

Harvey says he's ready for the challenge, and will make the companies even more successful than they already are. 


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