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Summer Sale Best Bits

Summer Sale Best Bits

Our sale of the year is in full swing, with up to 80% off EVERYTHING!!

So we thought we'd put together some best bits for you. Based on the highest discounts, most fitting for the season, and our best sellers.

GymBabe three piece set (also available in blue, green and lilac):
This set is one of our best selling items of all time, and comes with leggings, crop top, and cropped jacket. Now £46 instead of £52.


The Perfect Form Leggings and Short Sleeve Crop top:
Sold as separates, you can wear alone or buy both pieces of the set. These have been a staple of our brand since the start, and they're currently £18 per piece instead of £2. Available in other gorgeous colours too!


Long Sleeve Soft Lining Top in Blue:
Super soft and currently... £1 IN THE SALE!!


Most of our hairbands are only £2 in the summer sale too... 


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