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Summer First Date Outfits

Summer First Date Outfits.

It's summer time (we're sure we spotted the sun), and you're out with the girls (wearing WTT of course). Your dream guy just came up to you and asked for your number.

You've been texting for a few weeks, and now its time for that first date... WHAT DO YOU WEAR?!

Don't worry, we've got you girl. Here's our best date outfits, whatever the date may be.


Day Date: Parks, picnics, the beach...
The T-Shirt Dress in Orange (or Beige). 
Printed Triangle Top and Skirt Co-Ord. 
Date Night: Bar, Restaurant.. 
On Your Mind Dress in Black
The Girlfriend Mini in Black (Perfectly named after the end game, right?)
Activity Date: Bowling, Cycling, Crazy Golf...
Ribbed Jumpsuit
Vest It Crop Top in Blue & Hold Up Cycling Shorts in Blue
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