Summer Fashion Trends to look out for.... - watts that trend

Summer Fashion Trends to look out for....

The fashion guru's of the world have spoken, and these are set to be the hottest summer fashion trends in summer 2022:

-Micro Skirts and Dresses are IN... in this case, less is absolutely more 
Tie Front Mini Dress in Blue – watts that trend

-Y2K is back (Year 2000). Time to revive the noughties look. Asymmetric's, pastels, funky shades, and butterflies galore. 
Silver Butterfly Detail Cami – watts that trend

-Baggy Jeans. We all know and love a baggy jeans and T kind of day. Embrace it whilst it's here. 
Tie Waist Ripped Jeans in Blue – watts that trend

-Cover ups that match your swim set. Needless to save we have the most gorgeous three-piece swim set arriving next month, that fits the bill for this look.

-Cut Out Dresses. Our absolute FAV. We already have a few of these on site, and will be bringing a whole load more of this look, this summer!
Cut Out Co-Ord in Orange – watts that trend



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