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Summer Fashion GOALSS: New Collection's Launching for Summer 2023

Summer Fashion GOALSS: New Collection's Launching for Summer 2023 

What are your summer 2023 plans? Ocean Beach Ibiza? Chilled Vibes in Santorini? Or a BBQ in your back garden?

Whatever your plans, we'll leave the plan making to you, and the outfits to us. Wherever you're going this summer, we're sure to have your perfect outfit. 

We've got 2 new collections launching this month, and we plan to keep the launches coming across the summer. We'll have everything from swim wear, to cute dresses, sexy dresses, bags and accessories, shorts, skirts, co-ords, mini dresses, maxi dresses... basically we'll be covering all of your fashion needs. 

Whilst some pieces are finalised now, we're also still designing and modifying other pieces, so let us know if there's something in particular that you'd LOVE us to create. We also still have our new bespoke design service, so you can create your own dress from scratch. So if we don't already have your dream dress, you can just think up your own, and we'll create it for you! Search 'Design your own dress or outfit' on our site to get started. 

In the mean time, shop some of the amazing summer pieces we already have:

-Printed Triangle Top and Skirt Co-Ord: Perfect for watching the sun set in Ibiza, or hitting the dance floor with the girls. 

-Catching Waves Swim Set in Blue: Gorgeous on the beach abroad or in the UK, you can also wear it as a going out OUT outfit. 

Cross Strap Floral Dress in Blue: We're thinking a candle-lit dinner on the beach, or a special event like a wedding or the races. 

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