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Showdown in the Love Island Villa Tonight

Showdown in the Love Island Villa Tonight

The villa is set for drama tonight, as the boys 'out' Ron's game plan with Lana. Ron confronts Shaq in tonight's episode, about the comment he made during Friday's night game, about Ron being with Lana because everyone likes her. 

Then later in tonight's episode, Ron is obviously still thinking about the challenge, as he tells Sanam, Kai, Tom and Samie, that when he was a viewer of the show, he thought the people who got over their drama's early on in the show, pretty much cruised through it. Therefore he can see why people think him and Lana are cruising through it, even though that's not true.

Tom then tells Casey and Shaq about what Ron said the following morning, telling them that Ron said the couples who do well, are the ones who get the drama over at the start, and then cruise through the rest. Sammie also tells Rosie and Jessie the same the following morning. 

This info all eventually gets back to Lana, who then pulls Ron aside...

What will happen next?



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