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Shop our summer sale with up to 90% off! Your summer dreams have been heard.

Shop our summer sale with up to 90% off! Your summer dreams have been heard.

Yes, you read that right! We have UP TO 90% off in our biggest online sale of the entire year. We have some online deals that you literally will not believe.

We've got crops tops for £2, entire co-ords for £3, and much more. The ENTIRE site is in the sale, and everything has your name. Hurry, as we're only keeping the deal for a limited time.



 Our current best sellers...

-Our gym sets are best sellers EVERY year, and not hard to figure out why. Soft material shapes your body, comes in gorgeous colours, and is comfortable, practical and affordable.

-The cross strap bodycon dress in orange and pink and the sexy senorita dress are our best-selling dresses. These have also been best sellers for 2 years now. What was supposed to be a one-off collection has seen us re-stock these looks many times as you keep selling them.

-For accessories, the pearl velvet hairband hails above all, coming in 5 colours.
-Finally, for co-ords you absolutely love and non-stop buy, the cut-out co-ord comes in beige and orange.



Also included in the sale, which we still cannot believe, but we must be feeling kind! Is the... WTT X SCARLETT collection only launched on the 1st of this month.

Must have from the new collection:

-The swimwear! Our first-ever swimwear launch includes 3 gorgeous sets, including a bikini top, bottom, and skirt/coverup.

-The little black dresses. We have 3 black dresses in this collection, all perfect for nights out, date nights, festivals, with heels, or with flats.




You're wondering why you should shop with us and not other brands, like boohoo, pretty little thing, misguided, mars the label, nasty gal, or missy empire?

We are not unlike the vast brands, which buy in bulk, sell in size, and release a new collection every other week or even every day. We are a family-run business; we believe small, sell small, spend months working on supplies, and only release them every couple of months. We speak personally with customers, professionals and influencers.. we don't have a big staff team. So shop small, and support our business.

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