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Shaughna Phillips Scary C-Section Birth

Shaughna Phillips Scary C-Section Birth

After welcoming her first child, daughter Lucia earlier this month, Shaughna Phillips has finally shared her birth story with fans. 

Shaughna revealed she was induced at just over 41 weeks pregnant, however, after 4 hours in labour, using just gas and air, she hadn't dilated any further than the 2cm she had dilated at the beginning of her induction. She was then given the hormone drip to further induce her, and was advised to have an epidural, as she was told the drip would take her contractions from 0 to 100 very quickly. She says that the epidural is the best invention ever for women. Despite pushing her daughter once her contractions came, unfortunately she didn't come out, and her babies heart rate sky rocketed. This led to Shaughna needing an emergency c-section. 

Despite saying she was a little gutted not being able to have her daughter naturally as planned, Shaughna says she just wanted her baby here safe and quickly, and was happy to have whatever birth needed for that. 

Shaughna had a tough few months before her daughters birth, after her babies dad Billy Webb was jailed. Shaughna says her babies dad is 'no longer around', and a spokesperson said that Shaughna knew nothing of the activities involved in his allegations. The pair have been friends since they were teens, and had been dating since 2020. 


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