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Selling Sunsets: Crishelle's Love Life

Selling Sunsets: Crishelle's Love Life 

Its fair to say that Crishelle is one of the most controversial on Selling Sunset, but who doesn't love the drama she often brings?

For those of you who have been living under a rock... Selling Sunset is a Netflix show that follows a group of realtors, selling homes we could only ever dream off, and earning hefty commissions for doing so. However, whilst the houses are amazing, we all watch it for the drama amongst the cast. Right?

Crishelle has faced her fair share of arguments on the show, and other dramas. Her love life is also often a talking point. Firstly splitting from her original husband, Crishelle began dating Jason Oppenheim, the owner of the real estate agency they all work for. This caused controversy, that Crishelle would be getting favourable treatment. Jason was smitten, and often called her the 'love of his life' in interviews.

However, in a dramatic change, Crishelle came out as bi-sexual last year, saying her and Jason were no longer, and she was now dating Australian musician G Flip (Georgia Claire Flipo). Georgia also came out as 'non-binary' last year, saying she no longer wished to be referred to as a women, but rather they/them. 

THEN... on the 10th May this year, Crishelle announced her and G had married in Vegas. Crishelle has since spoken more on the matter, saying that the marriage is genuine, and she doesn't care about others opinions. 

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