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Rihanna is GIVING us major baby bump glam

Rihanna is GIVING us major baby bump glam

Not only does Rihanna look flawless all of the time, but even when pregnant, she is still giving us major glam. Rihanna always wears outfits that are worth talking about, and she's always been an inspiration to us in the fashion world. However, since being pregnant, twice in two years, Rihanna's outfits have become even more 'out there', and even more glam. 

Here's some of our favourite Rihanna pregnancy looks recently:

Rihanna shops in regular stores like the rest of us. Here she is looking amazing whilst shopping in US store 'Target', in a white tank top, fur coat, timberland boots, and open buttoned jeans. Such an effortless look.


We are also totally vibing this next look. Rihanna was recently out and about with partner ASAP Rocky, and this time she opted for a 'bump out' look. The top and the gold jewellery are giving us 90's vibes, and Rihanna has turned a casual look, into a talking point.

And finally, our favourite look. Rihanna out in Paris recently, with her son in arms. She wore a crochet crop top, fluffy jackey, and shimmery makeup, and she looked GORGEOUS. How cute does her son look too, in his little camo trousers and socks, and own mini timberland boots. 

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