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Prime: The Drink That Has Stormed the World.. But is it all good?

Prime: The Drink That Has Stormed the World.. But is it all good?

Kids (and even some adults) have gone in an absolute frenzy over the past couple of months over the 'prime' drink. Youtubers Logan Paul and KSI created and launched the drink at the end of 2022, and it has since been a constant sell-out everywhere, with some shops even cashing in further, by selling the drink for 5 times the price, due to demand. The energy drink, which comes in a variety of flavours, is claimed to be flavoured with natural ingredients, also containing BCAA and vitamins in it. 

However, health experts are warning that the drink isn't all the good that it claims to be. There are 2 versions of the drink, the energy version, and the hydration version, and experts are saying that children should not be consuming the energy version. This is because the drink contains 200mg of caffeine, which is more that the criticised energy drink Monster, which actually only contains 84mg in comparison. Experts are saying children should not be given more energy than they already have, that caffeine is highly addictive to them, and that any substance like caffeine can affect a child's brain greatly. 

So how is it that Youtubers can make a drink go SO viral? It appears that they have even more influencer than the standard Instagram influencer. What are your thoughts on the drink? And what are your thoughts on the influencer that these people have? Let us know in the comments. 



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