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On trend dresses in 2022... Which dresses have a been a hit in '22!

On trend dresses in 2022... Which dresses have a been a hit in '22!

Which styles have you all been loving this year, from our brand, and other brands..

1) Cut out dresses... cut out dresses have become our staple best seller over the past couple of years. From cut out sides, to cut out cleavage, you all love a dress with a little flesh. 

2) Mini dresses - Mini dresses are also a big hit for us, alongside other brands also going crazy on these, this year. Including Oh Polly, Mars The Label, Missguided, Boohoo and Fashion nova. 

3) Floaty maxi dresses. Nothing says food and cocktails on the beach, like a floaty maxi dress. This has been especially popular in the fashion world, in bright colours, and of course with the cut out part from (mentioned in number 1).

4) Crazy patterns. We've seen a revisit to the 70s-90s, with wild prints being a big hit this year. 

5) Metallic bodycon dresses have been a popular hit this year. We are absolutely loving this style too!


What has been your fav dress you've bought in 2022 so far??


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