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Olivia Attwood: Unique Wedding Dress and Trying For a Baby

Olivia Attwood: Unique Wedding Dress and Trying For a Baby
Best known for her time on Love Island, Olivia Attwood also had a stint on The Only Way is Essex, as well as hosting her own shows on ITV. Olivia is set to marry Fiancé, footballer Bradley Dack in the next few weeks, and also has her hen do in eight days time. Olivia has designed her own wedding dress from scratch, and says she hasn't seen one like it before. She said she actually designed it three years ago, as the couple were set to get married sooner, but had to postpone twice due to Covid. Olivia said she feared she'd see someone else in a dress like it in this time, however, luckily she hasn't. 
The wedding is set to take place at Grantley Hall in North Yorkshire. The hotel is pure luxury, with five restaurant (one being Michelin star), award winning spa, and gorgeous rooms. Olivia has old told fans on her Instagram that she won't be having any bridesmaids. Olivia also said kids aren't invited to her wedding, and that she wouldn't even have her own there if she had any. 
Speaking of kids... Olivia has also sparked rumours that she could have one of her own some time soon. On her Instagram stories, a fan asked if she used contraception, and Olivia said she was at a time in her life where she didn't need contraception. Fans have took this to mean that the couple are trying for a baby, or maybe just not 'not trying' for one. 

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