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New Year, New You? Or Same You...

New Year, New You? Or Same You...

It's New Year's Day, the day we all make our resolutions for the year ahead, and say goodbye to our old habits. However, will we really stick to them? 

Here's the facts on New Year's Resolutions:

-54% of the UK set resolutions each year.
-1/4 of those will be health related.. starting a new fitness regime, or quitting smoking.
-The second most popular category for resolutions are money related.
-87% of young people (generation Z) will make resolutions, in comparison to their older counterparts (the silent generation) at only 17%. 
-Londoners are amongst the highest to make resolutions, with 74% of people in London making them. 

We promise that we'll not be changing the quality of our fits, or great customer service this year. We'll keep on coming up with the best designs we can, and we'll keep on providing everything you need for the best experience. 

Here's our top outfit picks, that are January worthy:

Day Off Cropped Jumper in Mint

Short Sleeve Crop Top in Pink

Vest It Crop Top in Blue & Hold Up Cycling Shorts in Blue

Short Sleeve Crop Top in Grey & The Perfect Form Leggings in Grey

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