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Netflix Sharing, a Thing of The Past?

Netflix Sharing, a Thing of The Past?

Earlier this week Netflix accidently leaked (probably not accidental), its new plans to stop password sharing. It's currently trialling these guidelines across Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica. 

In the new rules, Netflix will allow those in the same household, to share an account, logged onto the same WIFI. If someone in the household is going away on holiday, they can get a temporary 7 day log in code. If someone wants to share their account with someone outside of their household, they must pay extra to do so. Then the new member can only have 1 profile, and watch on only 1 device at a time. The primary account holder is the one who must pay to invite extra people. Also, the account can only be shared by people in the same country, so if you live in another country to your family, then you'll need to pay for your own separate Netflix accounts. 

However, despite the backlash so far, Netflix says it is losing Billions to password sharing. There even being sites (illegal), that allow people to share Netflix accounts and therefore the cost. Many people say they'll cancel their subscriptions if they need to pay more, so will the new roll out work?


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