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Must Haves for Autumn...

Must Haves for Autumn/Winter 2023


Yes, sorry to admit it, but Autumn is on the horizon. Fear not, we'll make sure you're looking glam, and that you won't even miss summer and sun at all (ok, maybe you'll miss summer a little bit), but at least you'll look good. 

What will be hot this Autumn/Winter? Let's discuss the catwalk trends. 

Well the catwalk can often be a little outrageous, but this year it actually wasn't.. the pieces were items that regular people could actually wear! White shirts, black coats, and general office wear were quite a staple on the runway. Sequins, sheer, and lingerie style fabrics were also a hit. There was also a gothic style tribute to the late Vivian Westwood, and with florals being quite a hit this coming season, they also were shown in a more gothic twist of colours. Maybe the reason this coming season is more about staple, wearable pieces is due to Vivian Westwood herself, who famously said 'Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last'.


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