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Mothers Day Is Coming: 3 Ways the Mother and Baby Hoodie Changed My Life

Mothers Day Is Coming: 3 Ways the Mother and Baby Hoodie Changed My Life 

To celebrate Mother's Day next week, we wanted to discuss our Mother and Baby Hoodie, how GAME changing it is, and how you should treat a mama to this hoodie this Mother's Day!

1. Baby and Mama can now both fit in the same jacket/hoodie!

No more putting on your own jacket, then wrapping baby up, and then putting your baby carrier on top of your coat! You can just pop baby in their carrier, and then put this hoodie over both of you. 

2. This hoodie is 2 in 1:

When you're not wearing or carrying your baby, you can just unzip the extra baby section of the hoodie, and you've got a cosy hoodie fit for just the one human (you). 

3. Baggy fit, and removable sections, mean a hoodie for every stage of motherhood and beyond:

Perfect fit for maternity, carrying baby, post partum, and then just a comfy hoodie you can wear after you've moved on from pregnancy and carrying the kids!

Sound like your perfect hoodie?? We'll link it below for you! Treat yourself or your bestie this mother's day (or hint to someone else that you want it)

Mother and Baby Hoodie – watts that trend

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