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Molly Mae's £5k Louis Vuitton Hospital Case: Because Celebs Sure Know How to do Babies in Style.

Molly Mae's £5k Louis Vuitton Hospital Case: Because Celebs Sure Know How to do Babies in Style.

In a recent video on her YouTube channel, Molly-Mae Hague, has revealed what she'll be taking to hospital with her, and where she'll be giving birth. The star is giving birth in London, despite living in Manchester, and says this is privacy and security reasons. Molly is often bombarded by paparazzi, and was also broken into last year in her former Manchester home. Therefore, it's no surprise that she's decided to give birth in London, where celebrity's are often left alone by both the public and paparazzi, in comparison to other cities, due to the volume of celebrities based there. She's also taking a Louis Vuitton toiletry bag, which she says she's packed as if she's going away on holiday, with an array of toiletries in it. She showed fans her post pregnancy underwear, and 'enough nipple pads for the entire hospital' she claimed. 

The star then showed fans a second Louis Vuitton bag, containing Apple airpods, Ipad, £115 Neom air diffuser, sliipers, Pj's, and a water bottle. Her unborn baby also has her own Louis Vuitton suitcase, which Molly is taking along with her, packed with items for the baby. Molly-Mae also showed a brand new 'ellie belly' teddy, like the old one she owns, which she says her dad bought her baby for Christmas. She wouldn't reveal where he got it from though, as it's now a collectable, and also 'not cheap' the star says. 

Many fans suspect Molly may have already given birth, as she is already past her due date, has been unusually inactive on socials in recent days, and was already in London recently. Fans also suspect she may be called 'Halo', after a photo was leaked which is claimed to be the baby's nursery, and has the word 'Halo' in neon lights above a crib. 


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