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Molly-Mae Takes Bambi on Her First Holiday

Molly-Mae Takes Bambi on Her First Holiday

We cannot COPE with how cute Bambi looks on her first holiday abroad this week. Molly has been sharing a series of photos on her Instagram stories, showing Bambi in her sunglasses, dipping in the pool, and visiting the beach in Dubai. Today Molly also showed herself, Bambi and boyfriend Tommy Fury enjoying a luxurious boat day.. probably not the boat day we are used too, as this looked like an amazing yacht, not a jam-packed catamaran. 

The couple will also be taking Bambi to Barbados next month, where Molly is set to be bridesmaid for her friend and manager Fran. Bambi is certainly set to live the jet-set life, and it seems she's already on her way to clocking up those air miles. Fans have also been criticising Molly for taking Bambi swimming at such a young age, but we personally thing its amazing, and sure Bambi will be swimming in no time. 

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