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Molly-Mae Stuns in Nice, France

Molly-Mae Stuns in Nice, France

Molly-Mae is officially back working and looking fabulous. She has shown recently on her Instagram and YouTube that she's been back attending meetings etc, and visiting Pretty Little Thing HQ. However, this week she's gone right back to work, travelling to Nice in France, and shooting her first edit since becoming a mum, with Pretty Little Thing, the brand she is both an ambassador and creative director for. 

Molly stunned in gorgeous shots on her Instagram page, showing her golden tan, bouncy blow dry, and slim figure, following the birth of her daughter Bambi in January this year. 

Earlier this year, Tommy Fury took straight to training and then to Saudi Arabia for his boxing career, leaving Molly to mum on her own. However, it seems Tommy is now taking time out with his daughter, whilst Molly is the one taking back to work. 

Molly has always been open about things in her life, and we've found it so refreshing how honest she has been about motherhood, and its struggles. She's discussed everything from giving birth, to breastfeeding struggles, to struggling to find herself again since becoming a mum. She's done this through Instagram posts, TikTok and videos on her popular YouTube channel. 


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