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Molly-Mae Praised for Showing of Her Body Just Months After Giving Birth

Molly-Mae Praised for Showing of Her Body Just Months After Giving Birth

Molly's latest edit with Pretty Little Thing went live last week, and everyone, including fans and fellow celebs, were all quick to praise her for showing off her post-partum body. 

Molly looked amazing both on their site and TV ad, posing and strutting her stuff in Nice, France, last month. Molly has admitted that she had a 'bit of a meltdown' on the day of the shoot, as she hadn't fully prepared for the way she was going to feel shooting again, for the first time since giving birth to baby Bambi. 

We think she looks great, and love to see mum's being successful in their private and career lives. It's also been reported that Molly made £3.4 million last year, judging by the figures shown on companies house. This makes her the most wealthy and successful love islander of all time. Long gone are the days of getting her mum to drive her to Starbucks to take pictures for her Instagram. Molly's millions are from a combination of being creative director for PLT, posting for other brands such as Beauty Works, and also her own tanning brand Filter by Molly-Mae.

What's next on the horizon for Molly-Mae?


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