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Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury Baby Update: Baby Bambi + feud with Jake Paul

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury Baby Update: Baby Bambi

We mentioned just yesterday morning that the name 'Bambi' was in the running, for what Molly and Tommy had potentially called their new baby girl. Then, just like that.. Molly posted yesterday afternoon revealing that the name was in fact Bambi. 

Apparently Molly-Mae has always had this name in mind, and has always said she'd call her baby this, long before she was even having a baby. Back in 2021, for Molly's 22nd birthday, Maura Higgins got Molly a mug with Bambi on it, and at the time Molly shared a story saying that 'only real ones will know why this is special'. So it appears that Molly's close pals have also known this information for a long time too. 

Meanwhile, ahead of Tommy's potential boxing fight soon with Youtuber Jake Paul, there has also been drama there. Firstly, in an interview last week, Jake said that him and Tommy would finally be fighting in around 4 weeks time, as he said that 'now that the baby is born'. This was before Molly and Tommy even got to announce the news for themselves. Back in May 2021 Jake also tweeted a post showing 'DM's' between himself and Molly from 2018, however, Molly hit back saying they were fake and calling him sad. Jake has since took other nasty swipes at Molly, in order to get the attention of Jake, calling Molly a catfish on various occasions, and also saying that people only care about Tommy, if Jake is the one to mention him. When Molly did finally reveal the birth of her new baby herself on Instagram, on Monday this week, Jake commented saying 'just in time to watch your dad get knocked out'. 

However, the remarks seem to have finally gotten to Tommy, with the fight being revealed to now be set for 'February 26th', but will it definitely go ahead after already being cancelled twice before? 

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