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Maternity Wear Is Almost Here!

Maternity Wear Is Almost Here!

As our CEO is expecting her first baby this year, we thought there was no better time that to release our first maternity range. The range is a small collection, but has everything that a pregnant mama could need. We've got you sorted for a night out/special event/baby shower with some gorgeous dresses. Then we've got you sorted for day to day vibes, with some unitard's. The whole collection is stretchy, soft, comfortable, but also FASHIONABLE! Because being pregnant, or becoming a mum doesn't mean you need to turn away from looking on trend. 

The looks are designed to all be able to be paired with flats or heels, so you can decide the look you want to go for. The collection launches this Sunday 26th March at 6pm (UK time). We'll give you one sneak peak for now, showing our gorgeous maternity corset dress in blue:

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