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Love Islands Amy Hart: Shuts Down Fans Who Say She's Pregnant Again

Love Islands Amy Hart: Shuts Down Fans Who Say She's Pregnant Again

Amy recently shared photos from her 5 month old son's Christening, and one fan commented asking if Amy was pregnant again. Amy responded saying 'no still fat from the first one'. Other fans were quick to back Amy up, commenting 'was there any need for that #BeKind'. To which the first commenter apologised, saying they love Amy and meant no malice in their comment. 

We've loved watching Amy embark on motherhood, and really loved when she posted a bikini snap earlier this year, encouraging others to wear a bikini this summer, and saying she was retraining herself to love her post-partum body. 

We also think its worth mentioning, that people need to think a little before commenting on another's appearance, especially a woman who has not long ago had a baby, regardless of their celeb status. 


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