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Love Island Update + Maya Jama Alongside Kim K

Love Island Update + Maya Jama Alongside Kim K

Firstly, yes you read that right... Maya Jama just landed a HUGE new job, putting her alongside Kim Kardashian herself. Maya has went from strength to strength the past few years, from hosting the Brits, to landing the hosting role on Love Island, appearing on the cover of Vogue this month, and now... 

She's become the new face of Dolce and Gabbana!! Is there anything Maya can't do? 

And back to Love Island, the show that Maya hosts. What's new on the show?

The final is in site, as the couples have now all met the families, and last night started the infamous awards show night. Trouble was stirred in the villa, after the contestants were shown clips from throughout the show, many they knew nothing about. They were shocked to hear some of the things their fellow contestants had been gossiping about them, or confessing their 'head turning' to other islanders, besides the islander they were coupled up with. 

What do we expect in tonight's show? We're thinking arguments and tantrums galore, and we are here for it! As Whitney would say 'its giving... Drama'. 

Also who do you think will win the show? Comment below by this Friday and if you choose correctly, we'll gift you a voucher to spend on site when the winners are announced. 

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