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Love Island Summer 23: Things Are Hotting Up!

Love Island Summer 23: Things Are Hotting Up!

Who's been watching brand new Love Island? We'd be lying if we said we hadn't been glued to our screens.

Molly seems to be a favourite amongst the boys this year, finding them all falling head over heels for her. Mitch has his heart set on only her, however, Zachariah is also trying to steal her. After being coupled up with Catherine, and saying he was really in to her... Zachariah took a dramatic U-Turn in the challenge two days ago, and chose to kiss Molly, despite everyone else kissing the girls they were coupled up with. It's fair to say this rattled the villa, hurting Catherine, angering Mitch, and apparently swooning Molly, who now seems to be even more in to Zach that she was before. 

The other girls all seem to now think that Molly is playing a game, and that Mitch deserves better... it seems Jess is particularly not a fan of how Molly has handles things. However, Jess seems to be happy and loved up in her new couple with Sammy. FINALLY, someone in the villa that Jess is actually in to. 

Since Zach has pretty much ditched Catherine, this has now caused Andre to gravitate back to her, after Zach orginally stole her when he arrived as a bomb shell. However, this has now left Roochy hurt, as she thought things were going well between her and Andre. Oh, and did we mention that Tyrique, who has been loved up with Ella, also decided to tell her last night that he'd like some bombshell's to come in and test him, as he's never been a one women man?

Yes, the drama has been GIVING this past week. Make sure you watch it, or you can always just check back here for our next update.

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