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Love Island Ron's New Career Move, After Feeling 'Unemployed'

Love Island Ron's New Career Move, After Feeling 'Unemployed'

Ron recently told his followers on YouTube that since leaving Love Island, he now feels unemployed. Ron was a finalist in Love Island winter edition this year, which took place in South Africa. He met girlfriend Lana on the show, and the couple are still going strong. Ron and Lana came second, with Kai and Sanam taking the crown. 

Prior to the show, Ron worked as a financial advisor, which he says he loved doing, and seen him out of the house at work each day. However, since the show, Ron has been focusing on influencing and content creation, across his Instagram and YouTube channel. However, despite now enjoying his fame, and making money online, from his home. Ron says he now feels unemployed, and struggles to think up new 'content' each day, like what to put on his TikTok channel. 

Ron says he has therefore decided to use his social platforms for good, doing something he enjoys, and has decided to give out financial advise to his followers.. if they want it of course. Ron says he's been inundated with messages from his followers, asking for advice on their financials, so Ron feels this is the perfect career move for him. 


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