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Love Island FINAL 2023

Love Island FINAL 2023

Tomorrow is the Love Island 23 FINAL! Who is winning? Cast your votes and predictions in the comments below, each person who comments and gets it right gets a voucher to use on site!

Will it be:
Lana and Ron?
Will and Jessie?
Tom and Sammie?
Tanya and Shaq?
Kai and Sanam?

More importantly, which of those 5 couples will make it to the final, as it seems one couple will be going home tonight. Lana and Ron receieved 2 votes from their fellow contestants for least compatible couple, Will and Jessie received two, and Kai and Sanam recieved one. This means one of these couples could be going home tonight. 

In another twist, whilst it seemed that the islanders families may not be making an appearance this year, it has been revealed that the families will be shown tonight. Most of the families seem really happy with the couples, and all express that they're glad the islander they've come to see is coupled as they are. However, Shaq does reveal that his sister has a few choice words to say about Tanya... Awkward!

Who will take the crown from last years winners, Ekin-Su and Davide?


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