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Love Island: Casa Amor is HERE!

Love Island: Casa Amor is HERE!

The week we've all been waiting for, its Casa Amor. Who's head will turn, and who will stay loyal?

We love Tyrique, but we think his head could be turned, despite saying that he's closed off with Ella. However, we do think that Ella will stick with Tyrique, her head won't be swayed. 

Whitney will hopefully finally find a good man, worthy of her time.

What about Zachariah? We think he'll be dying to meet some new girls, and now he's not really in anything serious since Molly left. 

Jess.. We think she'll still come back to Sammy, however, not sure if we can say the same for Sammy. 

Basically, we aren't thinking any of the boys will be so loyal this year. But do think the girls will be. 

What do you think? Are there really any serious couples in it this year so far?


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