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Love Island 2023 Winners: Jess and Sammy

Love Island 2023 Winners: Jess and Sammy

We all watched in suspense last night (don't pretend you didn't watch). We thought it was a very close call, and had no idea who would win this year... although we did think it would actually be Whitney and Lauchan, or Ty and Ella. However, our gorgeous Jess took the crown (oh and Sammy of course).

The show also had a series of blunders during the live, as Whitney and Lauchan were shown Jess and Sammy's best bits, when it should have been there's. Then Jess and Sammy's best bits couldn't be seen at all when it was their turn to be interviewed. 

None the less, they all looked gorgeous, and the nations sweetheart Jess took the title of winner (oh and Sammy). Does anyone feel like Jess and Sammy were just chosen for Jess, and she would have won whoever she was with?

Who did you think would win? And more importantly, who will last? We're always dying to see which couples will last. Has Ty really become a one woman man? Will Sammy's head really not be turned again? Are Lauchan and Whitney really compatible? Time will tell. 

Here's a cute pick of the moment Jess become winner of Love Island 2023 (Oh, and Sammy):

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