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Love Island 2023 Update

Love Island 2023 Update:

Elephant in the room... What are your opinions on Olivia? We've seen a lot of comments about the way Olivia has been behaved over the past two nights, regarding her comments on Jessie. But we've also seen a lot about her in general, since she left Casa Amor, and the way she's went about Kai. 

To fill you in... Olivia came back from Casa Amor in a new couple, with Maxwell. However, she then went off it because Kai had also recoupled with Samam. Did she have a right to do that? Considering she also recoupled. 

Then, last night and the night before, Olivia said Jessie is basically fake, and her acts are questionable. She then basically denied this when confronted by Jessie, Claudia, and Sammy. She also stormed off during their conversation. 

Now the public are saying that Olivia is the fake one, and doesn't like it now that she's been exposed. What are your thoughts?

What are you also thinking about Claudia and Casey? Casey kissed Rosie last night, and Claudia was unhappy about it, as she still likes him. Does she still have the right to be mad?


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