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Love Island 2023 Couple's Are Already Splitting Up!

Love Island 2023 Couple's Are Already Splitting Up!

The show may have only ended one week ago, but the couple's are already splitting! Maybe it was a holiday romance after all?

Casey and Rosie were the first couple to announce they had gone their separate ways, after announcing that things weren't working out between them in the real world. Fans are also speculating that Casey is actually back with Claudia, after Casey left Claudia during the show, for Rosie. 

Zara Deniz and Jordan Odofin also decided to couple up on the outside world, after they didn't actually meet during the show. However, they have also decided to call it quits now, one week after speaking to Maya Jama about how well their relationship was going. 

Who could be next to split?

Many couple's over the years have split after the show, with only a few actually staying together. The most well-known couple's who have lasted after the show, include Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury, Ekin-Su and Davide, and Tasha Gouri and Andrew Le Page. Molly and Tommy recently had their first baby together. These couple's have also bagged the most cash since the show, with Molly-Mae becoming creative director for Pretty Little thing, Tommy doing well in his boxing career (recently fighting Youtuber Logan Paul), Ekin-Su bagging a huge deal with Oh polly, and Tasha working with Ebay. Just to name a few of the things these couple's have done. 

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