Love Island 2022 - watts that trend

Love Island 2022

With Love Island 2022 set to start TONIGHT.. Who CANNOT wait? Grab your bikini and your LI named water bottle and get ready to head to the villa. 

Whilst we love to see all of the dramas, relationships, and scandals; We also love to see... The fashion!!

What do we think the girls will be wearing this year? We hope to see some of the girls wearing some Watts That Trend pieces, as we did see last year. Hopefully we'll see some gorgeous bikinis, co-ords, summer dresses, bodycon dresses, and all of our other favourite fashion. What is any show without seeing the fashion and trends? 

It was also great to hear that the islanders will be wearing lots more small and sustainable fashion brands thus year, including Ebay, and Mars the Label, but they'll also be wearing some of our favourite designer brands including Balmain, Gucci and Versace. 


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