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Love Is In The Air: Valentines (Or GALentines) outfit ideas

Love Is In The Air: Valentines (Or GALentines) outfit ideas. 

With a little over 3 weeks to go until 14th February (Valentines day), you're probably already working on planning that outfit. Are you going out with your beloved, out with a new date, or out with the girls? 

Whatever your plans, we've got an outfit for each, in our brand new Valentine's Collection.

Date night with Bae:
'Thigh Split Spaghetti Strap Dress in Pink'. Super sexy, and perfect for a gorgeous dinner night, and maybe one where they might pop the question?

First Date:
'Satin Puff Sleeve Dress in Baby Pink'. If your date doesn't fancy you in this, then at least you know that everyone else there will, right?

Out with the girls:
'Zip Front Bodycon Dress in Pink'. This dress is giving us 'I'm cute and I know it' vibes. Perfect with trainers or heels, so its your ideal pick for going out OUT, or a more casual night with the girls (or bae). 

Valentine's for one:
'Ribbed Leggings and Crop Set in Baby Pink'. Because who said you need anyone? This set is ideal for a chilled night on the sofa, a trip to the gym, or just for a treat to YOURSELF. You've earned it girl. 




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