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Kris Jenner's REAL skin on display

Kris Jenner's REAL skin on display

Kris Jenner is no stranger to filters. Nor are any of the Kardashians for that matter. They have all even been criticised for even using filters on their new show 'The Kardashians' on Hulu. Whether this is true or not hasn't been confirmed, but many fans are pretty convinced that they are using filters on the show. 

The family have had some pretty drastic transformations over the years, barely recognisable compared to when they started 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' on E! all those years back. 

However, in a recent outing in Paris, for Beyonce's Renaissance tour, fans got the first real glimpse of Kris Jenner in a long time. The 67 year old was out with her boyfriend Cory Gamble, and personally we think that Kris looks SOO much better without the filters. Of course, she may have had a little cosmetic tweak or 20... but she looks like such a queen when showing her real self, wearing a sparkling silver blazer, with silver jewelled bag, and black trousers. 10/10 for style Kris. 


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