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Kourtney Kardashians IVF Nightmare

On the brand new Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we see so many new things about the Kardashian family. In the old series we were used to all the things that have been happening in their lives for years, but this new series has showed completely different relationships and lives to what they all had before.

In the show, Kourtney Kardashian has revealed that her and partner Travis Barker have been trying to have a baby together. However, unable to conceive naturally, they decided to opt for IVF. However, Kourtney also reveals that IVF has been gruelling, left her feeling low, and potentially put her into the menopause. 

After seeing Kourtney's toxic relationships with Scott Dissick for so many years on the old series of KUWTK, its nice to see her with someone so different, but equally so sad that they can't have something they really want.

Kim Kardashian revealed before the show aired that we would see this journey from Kourtney, and seems that Kim and the rest of the Kardashians all love Travis.

Here's hoping another little Kardashian is on the way soon for them!


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